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The Incomparable Jeremy Irons

King Arthur for a day: Jeremy Irons Welcomes the Challenges of a One-Night-Only Performance of 'Camelot'
Irons Ink

Get ready to be FLABBERGASTED! Just-discovered 1978 German television production of Holst's Planet Suite filmed in Cornwall. These you won't believe but they're really him -- on the TV Page
On The Telly

Cigar Diary: Havana Nights 2005 and Inspiring Words of Smoking Wisdom From a Distinguished Actor
Cigar Aficionado June 1, 2005

Foreword by Jeremy Irons — Design Alchemy by Ashley & Allegra Hicks
Irons Ink

Supermodel Jeremy Dons Armani Duds For British GQ
Glorious Portraits

The Smell of Success
Toronto Star March 27, 2005

Irons, Galway Celebrate Maazel's Birthday
The Associated Press March 2, 2005

Jeremy at his Jeremiest. . .ya think?
Glorious Portraits

Q & A: Jeremy Irons
Irons Ink

The Crowd Pleasers: Jeremy Irons And Annette Bening Conjure Up A Tale Of Sexy, Glittering Revenge In Being Julia
Irons Ink

Magnificent Cover Layout in New Gotham Mag
Glorious Portraits

Taking A Chance On Life As An Actor
Irons Ink

Art Angel: Jeremy Irons
The Times of London July 23, 2004

Jeremy Doodles For A Good Cause February 9, 2004

Seven New Knock-Out Portraits
Glorious Portraits

'A Constructive Madness,' Architecture Documentary, Narrated by Jeremy Irons
The New York Times February 7, 2004

Irons Ascends to 'Kingdom of Heaven'
Hollywood Reporter January 13, 2004

Jeremy Does James (and the Giant Peach, that is . . .)
School Library Journal November 1, 2003

Crazy disguises galore — NINE new stills from "And Now Ladies And Gentlemen!"
At The Movies

Jeremy Presides in Marrakech
Reuters October 3, 2003

Patron Jeremy Pens Lovely Introduction to Website - Here It Is!
Irons Ink

41 Delectable New Portraits Have Arrived!
Glorious Portraits

A Wealth of New Scenes
Richard II, Rear Column

On The Stage

Join Godspell, Night Music,
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Never-Before-Seen Stills with EVERY Movie! 
At The Movies

Major TV Page Update
To Lydia, Brideshead, Ohio
Notorious Woman,

On The Telly

With Pics Added
Impromptu, Danny,


Jeremy Playing Tennis? You'll Only See That On Our Bio Page!
Reflections On His Life

Okay you wanted to see Jeremy as Professor Snape in Comic Relief? Here he is!
On the Telly

Irons Is Still Hungary For It
Mail On Sunday April 20, 2003

Jeremy's Leather Jacket Says 'Born to Sorta Sing'
The New York Times March 13, 2003

For Dessert, Jeremy Irons Sang For His Supper
The New York Times March 2, 2003

Jeremy Irons: Mega-guest!
Western Daily Press October 26, 2002

Irons Lends His Voice To Saint-Saens' Animals
Athens News September 20, 2002

While Waiting For 'Godot,' Irons Is Host
Irons Ink

Star Irons In Orphan Mercy Bid
The Mirror July 27, 2002

Before They Were Stars, They Were Star-Quality; Irons And Dench In Film Treasure
Irons Ink

Jeremy Irons, Tortured Again
Irons Ink

Scenes From The Set Of 'Callas Forever!'
Irons Ink

Here's Max At 16! What A Doll, Huh?
Reflections On His Life

Perhaps The Only Still Of Jeremy From Voysey Inheritance And We've Got It!
On The Telly

Stars Irons And Cusack's Library Appeal
This Is Oxfordshire April 23, 2002

Cry Me A River
The Guardian April 19, 2002

Euro Disney II Opens; Irons Among European Narrators
The Times (London) March 12, 2002

French Award For Jeremy Irons
Agence France Presse March 3, 2002

Jeremy Irons To Get Telecamera 2002 Award In Warsaw
Polish Press Agency January 13, 2002

Jeremy In His Ponytail For The Callas Forever Film! Tres Cool, Mais Non?
Sunday Telegraph (London) December 31, 2001

From the F. Scott Fitzgerald front - FIRST GLIMPSE of Jeremy in costume . . .
Reuters December 31, 2001

BRAND NEW INTERVIEW - Jeremy Irons: Enduring Love In The Gaze Of The Press
Irons Ink

Kennedy Center Honorees Serenaded With Tributes
The Washington Post December 3, 2001

Nun Teaches Zen To Prison Inmates; Jeremy Irons Is Her Patron
Toronto Star November 28, 2001

Stars, Jeremy Irons Among Them, Reveal Their Tasty Secrets
Manchester Evening News October 31, 2001

Paris Match October 11, 2001

An 'Easy Ride' From Hollywood To Vegas For Hopper, Irons, Hutton
Nationwide News Pty Ltd October 5, 2001

EXCLUSIVE FROM FRANCE! Poster for 'Fourth Angel' (Vengeance Secrete) Which Has Just Been Released There . . .
Cinema Lobby September 1, 2001

Here Are SIX MORE Donna Karan photos from the new ad campaign to luxuriate in -- FOURTEEN IN ALL Now!
Glorious Portraits

AT LAST, More Stills From Ohio Impromptu: Beckett On Film -- And Now Officially On The TV Page!
On The Telly

The 7 Deadly Sins According To Jeremy Irons -- a FASCINATING interview just come to light from a Belgian magazine -- Read It Here Now!
Irons Ink

Extraordinary tribute in Italian magazine has just come out! Brace yourself for these pictures...
Glorious Portraits

EXTREMELY rare still from Langrishe, Go Down can now be admired on the TV page...
On The Telly

A Fabulous Still From Jeremy's Appearance On Wetten Dass? The German Game Show, Now Graces Our TV Page!
On The Telly

JEREMY THE JOURNALIST! Read His Own Eloquent, Bylined Response To The Castle Controversy RIGHT HERE: 'Let's Bring A Bit Of Warmth To West Cork'
Irons Ink

Beckett To The Future; Irons Among Glittery Stars
Vanity Fair May 1, 2001

All-Star BAM Bash; Irons Flies In (Newly Amended 3/26 With This Just-Discovered Photo And Added Text!)
The New York Post February 13, 2001

Us Weekly March 19, 2001

Jeremy's Yacht Race Makes People Magazine! Read 'Pop Quiz With Jeremy Irons' Here First!
Irons Ink

IT'S ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE: Read Jeremy's First Entry In His On-Board Journal Crewing In the Yacht Race!
Irons Ink

Cold Call - With Jeremy Irons
Irons Ink

JEREMY IRONS PROFILE: My Real-Life Role On High Seas Fills Me With Terror
Irons Ink

Voyage Of Discovery
Irons Ink

Irons Narrates New Disney Theme Park Film
Copley News Service February 14, 2001

Spoken Audio For Spring; New Irons Reading
Publishers Weekly February 6, 2001

Jeremy: My Secret Love For Ireland -- Star Tells Of Passion For Unique Bay
The News Of The World February 4, 2001

FIRST LOOK at 'Fourth Angel!' You can see it right here . . .
Variety January 2, 2001

Regards, Jeremy Irons
The New York Times December 22, 2000

For Armani, Hollywood Gives Back; Giorgio Armani is paid homage by Hollywood's elite, including Jeremy Irons, at a Guggenheim retrospective
The New York Times October 22, 2000

Backstage applying his makeup for The Rover—you'll only see that here!
Live On Stage

The pic we were dying for has just surfaced: Jeremy at the opening of Sinead's Off-Broadway play in April !
Glorious Portraits

AWESOME SCOOP: Jeremy FINALLY immortalized by Biography Magazine in its July issue -- you read it here first!
Irons Ink

Reflections On His LIfe

Let Jeremy, Tom and Jodie Be Your Guides
People May 29, 2000

The Day Jeremy Irons Popped In For Lunch . . .
Western Daily Press December 12, 1998